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Requisites of RV Maintenance

RVs have become one of the safest and most popular vehicles of Americans in recent years. Many RVers even think of dumping off their property and lead a roaming life in their luxurious RVs. If cost of maintenance prompts the RVers to think on such lines, they are then highly mistaken in their notion. It is absolutely wrong to assume that RVs require zero maintenance- it might not be as great as maintaining a house, yet even your RV needs some attention!

The RV part that requires greater attention is the roof. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the roof is very essential for your RV. The frequency of cleaning it will depend upon the place you are in. For example, if your RV is in an arid region like Arizona, it will require less cleaning. But its tyres will require greater attention, as they would get drier on account of the hot and dusty weather. Most RV roofs are relatively flat and made of rubber. Absence of roof slopes allows the dirt to stand still and hence needs to be cleaned up at regular intervals.

RV roofs should be cleaned with lots of care and it is highly necessary to follow the roof manufacturer's recommendations. It's advisable to use soft scrubber and bleach while cleaning your RV roof. The bleach is quite effective in removing any mildew and whitening the rubber but make sure it is not abrasive. Wipe the roof gently with a soft scrubber to let the grime off. Spread the bleach and allow it to stay for a few minutes. The next step is just as easy, for all you need to do is spray cool water through a hose and wash off all the dirt.

There is one very important thing before you take up the entire task. Prior to taking up the cleaning work, you should make sure that the weather is sunny and dry because your RV roof needs to dry up after being cleaned up with cool water. Following this, the roof is to be coated with an UV/rubber protection (recommended by your RV manufacturer). Sudden spell of rain can make all your efforts vain. So make sure to conduct your cleaning business at the right time.

Besides maintaining your RV roof, there are several factors to be taken into consideration if you are planning to store your RV for the winter. Following are some of the points to remember before allowing your RV to hibernate:

1. Switch off any pilot lights followed by propane at the source.

2. Do not forget to drain all water from rig: hot water tank, fresh water tank and all lines both hot and cold.

3. Turn the refrigerator off. Defrost it and wipe dry. Leave the fridge doors propped open slightly. This will allow some air circulation and keep down mildew. You might put an open box of baking soda in the fridge to help keep odors at bay.

4. Seal all outside openings to prevent critters from invading your rig and making a home.

5. Leave a window and a roof vent open just a bit. Open a window as far away from the vent as possible to allow some air to circulate the entire rig.

6. It is advisable to keep the tires off and use wood pads or Teflon pads after parking your rig.

7. Disconnect your RV's battery. It's always better to disconnect both terminals. In extreme weather conditions, take the battery out and store it in a moderate climate.

8. Make sure to clean and cover the air conditioner. You can use a heavy plastic bag or covers that are easily made available by most RV dealers.

9. Wash and wax your vehicle to prevent dirt build-up on your newly painted RV.

These little tips can see your RV motorhome in good health for a long time. Many RVers might now think that RV maintenance is a wearisome task. But this is not the case. It's definitely convenient to maintain your RV motorhome than your house- its doors, windows, lawns, gardens and much more! This too might have accounted for the increasing popularity and sale of RV motorhomes

in recent years. So live with the pride of owning a luxurious RV but do not forget 'nurture' it- i.e. to maintain it!

Suzanne Macguire is an Internet marketing professional with expertise in content development and technical writing in a variety of industries.

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